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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  September 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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story on action news tonight is a truly memorable day in the history of philadelphia. the visit of pope francis brought together the young and hold, healthy and sick, rich and poor. no matter what religion or creed, they stood side by side in the streets around jumbotrons and inside the many venues to catch a glimpse or hear the words of the holy father. we knew this was going to be an extraordinary day. within moments of stepping off the plane, pope francis took time to bless a young disabled man. from there it was on to mass at the basilica of st. peter and paul to take time to recharge the spirit for the day ahead. the pontiff received a welcome. his motorcade left for independence mall, we were able to capture a quick glimpse and wave.
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then he was in his element among the people. and during his speech, he praised our nation's tradition of tolerance. it was time for the blessing and celebration by all measures what was a triumph. and 30 minutes ago, the festival wrapped up for the day with a bang. tonight's concert ended with fireworks over the museum of art. the philadelphia orchestra provided the accompaniment. let's look at ben franklin parkway, a little high up to see people leaving the area. but it is happening. we have blanketed the area give you every vantage point of the papal visit. brian and sharrie are along the parkway. all had a front row seat to the festival of families
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the pontiff spoke about immigration and religious freedom. trish hartman is with those hoping to catch a police officers of the hol how -- a gle of the holy father. let's begin with rick and monica who had a bird's eye view. >> the parkway is all quiet right now. all the pilgrims have gone home. just a few security people out there right now. the lights still twinkling. it's been a stupendous day on the ben franklin parkway. philadelphia put its best foot forward. it was the diamond pinky ring, if you will, for what has been the first day of the pope's visit and i think philadelphia, they didn't disappoint. >> something to be extremely proud of and more great
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excitement for tomorrow as well. just so many inspirational snapshots of the pope looking truly devine in his popemobile and the crowds roared with excitement. he is a representative of god here on earth. and he is calling for revolution of the spirit. sounded like it resonated with the crowd every time he would lean out and try to get eye contact or bless and wave to some of the people. when he kissed any of the children or elderly, it brought a tear to the eye of believers and nonbelievers, anyone who can see they are in the presence of someone with incredible and warmth. >> they came for this glimpse of the man, the message, the meaning behind it. we were 27 floors up, when he
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passed by, surreal in the darkness as his lighted popemobile. he seemed to wave to everyone. >> his face aglow with excitement. he loves the warmth he gets back. it's a reciprocal arrangement. in his quiet life in italy when he takes time to have medication, he yearns for that contact with the public. >> it's been a long day. i remember when jim was reading his facebook message to the pope, i'm wondering how many people are writing their own facebook message to the pontiff after a full day of activities. enjoy. back to you. >> there will be many. thank you so much, rick, monday a let's go out to action news anchors brian and sharrie who did have a great view of the concert along the parkway. brian, a quick question. do you think there will be some
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tomorrow who will say that the turnout tonight, the size of the crowd was a bit disappointing? >> i don't think disappointing. let's remember, when people were talking about the crowd estimates, all of that was for sunday for the papal mass. it's still possible we could get huge numbers. here tonight, not disappointing, not overwhelming the crowds. but they were significant. many people we talked to said bigger than in washington and new york. at least we got that. all those crowds, no matter the size, have cleared out of here. all that's left, story tonight. >> what a program. hearing from the pope and a star-studded musical lineup including juanes, andre bocelli. and the queen of soul. ♪
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>> we call her american royalty, that is ms. aretha franklin, 73 years young. she took the stage twice. and in this rendition of amazing grace. >> pope francis got a lot of credit for hitting the right notes. he spoke off the top of his head and with great joy about the family here tonight. here's a brief excerpt. >> families really it is able to open its arms and receive all that love. >> on a night that was so heavy with choreography, singers and performers here tonight, that was one of the most incredible moments that that pope speaking off the top of his head, no prepared notes, his translator
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listening along and translating his message into english, a message of love, family and hope. >> speaking from his heart. we saw a glimpse of that tonight. making the time to speak to the crowd, focusing on the family during this world meeting of family. we'll look forward to hear what he has to say tomorrow. we'll send it back to you, jim, in the studio. >> thank you. action news reporter sarah bloomquist is also on the parkway tonight. sarah, you just talked to a young man who very nearly stole the show tonight. >> i think he might have stole the show. there were wonderful performances. but it was a 14-year-old boy from the andoria section of delve y he performed. bobby found out five minutes beforehand he would be performing for the pope. they had to change things around
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on the stage. so they went to bobby and choir director, can you help us out. bobby agreed. not only did he perform a cappella, a song usually accompanied by music, it was five minutes before he found out he was doing it. he exchanged gifts with the pontiff. ♪ >> were you nervous? >> yeah, a little. i was a little nervous. >> you usually don't sing it a cappella. >> no. they said if i could do it a cappella, it would be great. >> afterward you exchanged gifts
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with the holy father. tell me what happened? >> our choir went to antarctica. we brought back a rock that we were saving for somee spe. to w sr the i had for they fa. so i go him if tol to come ovee me th rocks.c one of perform for the president and e out. andre bocelims to ne groc >> our reporter norm is people gathere t your experie what a night it w. the crowd thinned out after the pope passed by. for the folks who stayed, they
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had an absolute ball. take a look. these are some of the buses leaving the scene earlier. the folks who were here and stayed here, they had an absolute ball, it was a rewarding day. >> we got so excited being able to watch the pope go by. it was worth the wait. >> it was the moment everyone was waiting for. this is the holy father as he swept passed the crowds, waving to the faithful as they captured the moment with cellphone cameras in the air. >> i am very emotional, like i said to god, but i know it's no god. i'm very happy, very emotion in my hair and body. i love you, papa pope. >> it was well worth it. the atmosphere, everybody from around the world here. to be able to see the pope, it's an honor.
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>> earlier thousands watched in streets as the pope said mass at the basilica here at 16th and jfk, people were shaking hands with strangers during the kiss of peace during mass. >> some of us, the spiritual feeling that we can be surrounded by his holiness is amazing. >> just him being here >> i really like the way he's making the church. >> how do you mean? >> he's making it a lot more open and accepting. >> back live on the parkway where the jumbotrons who make it possible for those that didn't have tickets, things have cleared out here as you can see. folks have gone home to rest up so they can get up tomorrow and do it all over again. live on the parkway, channel 6
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action news. >> it was a striking image this afternoon at independence hall. the birth place of this nation as pope francis delivered a speech on rely gist tolerance. he did so from the same length turn that the gettiesberg address was issued. he issued a call of action for those of all faiths. >> he did. so many historical overtones, pope francis spoke in front of the birth place of american liberty and behind the lecturn used by abraham lincoln. his arrival went the way you would expect from this pope. he made his way toward independence hall during the papal parade, he made a stop to kiss babies and toddlers. he blessed a five foot wooden cross symbolizing the past, present and future of the a
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hispanic during his speech, it was the common person he focused on, especially those not born here in the u.s. >> many of you have immigrated to this country at great personal cost. but in the hope of building a new life. >> his comments stem from the pope's overall message about the importance of protecting and defending the weakest and poorest among us. the pontiff's message seems to resonate with all people, not just catholics. >> he speaks to all people. it's nice to see the crowd that have come out. all faiths from all over the world to be a part of this. just really exciting. >> pope francis discussed how globalization can be a dangerous thing when it strips people of their culture, heritage and history. his most impassioned comments
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evolved around the comments of fostering tolerance of all religions around the world. >> translator: it's imperative that the followers of various religions join their voices in calling for peace, for tolerance and respect for the dignity and rights of others. >> at the end of his speech, once again, fostering his image as a simple, humble man, he asked the crowd to pray for him a little bit. >> more to come on this special edition of action news. it is an image we are becoming accustomed to seeing. pope francis stopping his motorcade to grant a special blessing. this morning it was a young man. tonight we'll hear from his family. also, we were curious to see how
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philadelphia managed security. we'll see how they managed to keep everybody secure. >> i will have details on the weather and talk about the chances of seeing a rare event tomorrow night that won't happen again for 18 years. that's all ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll check the schedule for tomorrow's events. that and more when action news continues.
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plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. >> pope francis has been in philadelphia since exactly 9:42 this morning. archbishop, the governor and mayor greeted the richard bose and his family mett him. he made an unexpected stop to bless a boy in a wheelchair, michael keating suffers from cerebral palsy. his father is a band director at the high school. >> i almost fell over.
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excitement. i'm overjoyed. i can't even think straight. >> he kissed him on the forehead and prayed on him. it was such a blessing for us. >> keating directed the high school band as they played the rocky theme for pope francis as he got off the plane. next stop for the pope is the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. he was greeted by a crowd of thousands. he stopped to wave before he went inside. 2,000 people attended the mazda. he said the future of the catholic church requires a more active role for lay catholics for women and young people. he stopped to bless several children before leaving the basilica. security remains high. at one point today a man was taken into custody after hope
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francis arrived at the basilica. the man was acting suspiciously, asking questions about security. from the streets to water ways, 50 different organizations are helping keep people safe. the u.s. coast guard is patrolling the delaware river. so many planning has been focused on security. police officers and guards lined perimeters of the grounds today checking everybody who came inside. action news reporter wendi saltzman is live with more on security surrounding the events today. wendi? >> i think security went over really well today. i think that shows the effort and collaboration were a success. right now we are in front of one of 24 checkpoints that's been set up across the parkway. this one just closing about an hour ago, marking the end of the
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pope's first successful and secure day in philadelphia. about 10,000 people piled on to independence mall to hear the pope's address. strict security measures blocked people without tickets from getting on the mall. that didn't stop these visitors from houston and new orleans. >> we decided at the last minute to come see the pope. we are so thrilled and happy we are here. >> nine-year-old mitchell, his brother and family made the trek from buck's county. >> i think it was a hassle for a lot of people. once you got down here, it was weird. no cars on the road. philadelphia was totally different this weekend. >> while most participants left with smiles. >> it was worth it. everyone ga was in awe. >> others were turned away holding tickets but unable to get inside the gate. >> this is a ticket to get
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inside to this event. it didn't work. they closed the gates. >> charlie walked from 19th street. he had no way of knowing security checkpoints were closed before 4:00. he was standing next to clerics that were also turned away. but inspite of unexpected road closures, the national guard says tightened security has done its job to make sure the visitors are safe. >> we haven't had no threats, we had positive feedback from people. they are happy to see soldiers on the ground. overall it's good with security. >> at one of those checkpoints it was estimated it was taking people an hour to get through t one was closed down because they had too many people entering through this checkpoint. all of this is going to start over. there is an expectation that the secret service will start shutting down some of the other
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security checkpoints like the ones around independence mall. >> thank you. so let's take a look at what we can expect tomorrow n addition to the mass on the parkway, the pope has a number of engagements. he will begin at st. charles where he will speak to bishops. then he will depart to visit with inmates at a correctional facility. by 3:25 it's back to the parkway for a second papal parade followed by francis celebrating mass on the parkway. the pontiff will conclude the trip by thanking families, volunteers and organizers. then it's wheels up, he will depart for rome at 8:00 p.m. we'll continue in just a moment. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
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and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> let's get that all important accuweather forecast for tomorrow's mass on the parkway. cecily is live tonight. what's the latest word? >> it's looking good. i want to tell you a story, gene said they are putting statues of the virgin mary would stay away. the rain is going to be staying to the south. the weekend is looking nice. tonight it's cooled down to 62°
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in philadelphia. our high up to 72°, 2 below normal. it's a chilly night. allantown 60°. the winds have diminished. earlier we had wind gusts of 20 miles per hour. 8 miles per hour in fill delve y notice along the coast they are stronger where we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until tomorrow evening. we are talking about this battle all week long between high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south. that's expanding and staying close to the coast. you can see with the radar how any rain that tries to push north of virginia is evaporating. 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine, like today, filtered sunshine. the thicker clouds will stay down to the south. so your papal mass forecast is looking nice. it will be warmer than today at
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10:00, 68 by 1:00. 73 by 4:00. it's 4° higher than today than by 7:00, 72°. we do have a shot of seeing the supermoon lunar eclipse tomorrow night. the best chance will be north where the cloud cover is less. this is when the earth basically blocks the sun's light from hitting the moon and the moon will be 14% larger, it's a supermoon. it will have a red tint from the longer wave lengths of the sun known as a blood moon. it will begin 9:07 tomorrow. so the good news is we will have clouds tomorrow, but as i like to say, no chance showers. coverage of the visit of pope
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sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.


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